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And another robot, Weird Fred
« am: 03. Oktober 2012, 13:38:49 »
I am a very big fan of genocidal penguin’s mechas on deviantart.

They are less human shaped than most and it makes them more evil-looking somehow.

So I wanted to build something similar, but if possibly with moveable joints. As I did not have any spare joint parts, I decided to sacrifice a Gundam I got for cheap and didn’t like anyway, the ‘GN-0000+GNR-010 Trans-Am Raiser’

The next part might be hard for Gundam Fanboys... Proceed at your own risk

A bit too gundam for my taste, so let’s rape it!


Cut it up:

Extend with other gundam leftovers:

Add round stuff:

Changed hip joint:

Baby got hips:

Lower legs round stuff added:

Crotch from 1/144 apache

Upper legs are decorated some more:

With crotch:

And gundam torso:

Looking good.

Trying out torso style with blutac:

Just addd glue

Testing looks:

The arms are not spared their fate:

Neither are the feet:

It stands! Figure for scale, I was hoping for 1/35, maybe I'll need to scale back to 1/48, but 1/35 is the goal.

I somehow did not take pictures of the arms... weird, but there’s more than enough there now right?

Going to need to add clay to blend the shapes, than sanding and sanding and sanding, looking forward to that… :S

And he needs hands and a gun, no idea as of yet, I’m apparently not good at hands and guns.
Oh and a head of course, I had a mock-up, but I lost it :(
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Re:And another robot, Weird Fred
« Antwort #1 am: 05. Oktober 2012, 02:00:50 »
great job - like it  ;D

your guy don´t need a head -
give primer on it - and then find or built a gun (a gatling maybe ?)