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Hi all. I am just going to show you all the wip and the finished model all in one go. I had completed this some time ago. Another sci-fi build in the making.  This is Falke model from Hasegawa I bought very cheap, considering what it is worth. I have seen this model many a times on the internet. When I was at a model show, I noticed someone was selling it for cheap and I could not resist the temptation to get it. Now, I just bought it to use whatever parts that may be of use, to use in kit bashing. But then, I decided to modify the kit further. View the images and read what I did:

1.     The red lines and circles represent the areas I chopped off with a hand saw. The engine was made to sit onto the internal side walls by the help of side by 90-degree brackets on the engine. There is only one disadvantage to this design. The engine has to be mounted before painting. This is because, you would not be able to mount the engine after you mount both halves of the fuselage. This only makes it difficult to paint the engine. But of course, you will have to mask the entire engine before you can paint the fuselage. I though this idea did not sit right with me. So I removed it. This way, I can mount the fuselage, and do all the painting I want, and finally mount the rear engine back into the rear slot.


More modification done to the side engines.

More detailing on the side engines. Added bits and pieces from other models and some.

I decided to add details to the cockpit, since it is pretty plain when you first get the kit. Adding details to the cockpit is pretty much useless. That's because, many of the details will not be seen once the pilot is inserted into the seat. So all what I'm doing is pretty much useless. Yet I still do it. ;) I added whatever bits & pieces I can find from my 'Misc. Box of parts, which has lots of spare parts left over from many old and new kits, I have purchased.

I have managed to paint the cockpit and the details. This has to be done before you mount both halves of the model. That is why I am doing all the painting and detail now, because it would not be accessible after mounting.




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